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SMJ is the world’s leading mass impact journal for research in strategic management.

In 2020, across six key JCR scales (total citations, two-year impact factor, five-year impact factor, immediacy index, Eigenfactor score, article influence score), SMJ is 22nd out of 226 in the Management list and 21st out of 153 in the Business list.

In the most recent Journal Citation Report (released in June 2021), SMJ had a two-year impact factor of 8.641. SMJ has a five-year impact factor of 12.226.

In the last five years (2015 through 2019), SMJ received 6,381 original submissions from scholars based in 100 countries.

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2021 Dan and Mary Lou Schendel Best Paper Prize Recipient

Open for Innovation: The Role of Openness in Explaining Innovation Performance among Manufacturing Firms

Keld Laursen and Ammon Salter
Volume 27, Issue 2

We are delighted to award the 2021 Dan and Mary Lou Schendel Best Paper Prize to Keld Laursen and Ammon Salter for “Open for Innovation: The Role of Openness in Explaining Innovation Performance among Manufacturing Firms.” Published in 2006, this outstanding paper was a pioneering study in the then-nascent area of open innovation. Empirically, it was among the first to examine open innovation through a large-sample study. Theoretically, the authors persuasively decomposed external search into breadth- and depth-related components, each of which has a distinct effect on innovative outcomes. This paper has proven to be a key linchpin in the evolution of the open innovation literature. Not surprisingly, it is one of the most highly cited articles published in Strategic Management Journal over the last 15 years, and appears on numerous syllabi of graduate courses in technology strategy. Congratulations, Keld and Ammon!

Learn More About the Authors!

picture of Keld Laursen
Keld Laursen
Copenhagen Business School
picture of Ammon Salter
Ammon Salter
University of Bath

Sponsored by the  SMJ Best Paper Prize Award
November 30 from 11:00am to 12:00pm EST (UTC -5)

Open innovation and external search for innovation has become a critical value creation and capture strategy among business firms over recent decades. Keld Laursen's and Ammon Salter's 2006 award-winning SMJ article “Open for Innovation: The role of openness in explaining innovative performance among UK manufacturing firms” addressed the issue of how open innovation in terms of search breadth and depth can help explain firms’ innovative performance at different levels of novelty, when factoring in the firms’ overall R&D strategy.

In this seminar, Laursen and Salter take their 2006-paper as a starting point and reflect on why open innovation remains of critical importance for firms pursuing an innovation strategy. They will explore why the paper became influential, discussing the research streams that preceded it and that have followed it. We highlight new research questions that emerge from this body of work, exploring the need to consider more carefully both social context and the individual-level in the analysis of open innovation. Finally, they will outline some important implications of recent research on open innovation for business practice, highlighting the "dark" side of openness with respect to who controls key resources and captures value.

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