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The Pontifícia Universidade Católica in Rio de Janeiro (PUC-Rio) is a non-profit private university, recognized by the federal, state and municipal governments of Brazil for its higher education and social importance to the general public. Recently, in 2008/2009, the Ministry of Education ranked PUC-Rio as the best private university in Brazil.

PUC-RioPUC-Rio’s focus on academic research includes 150 active research groups, with 400 research areas including Arts and Sciences, Business and Economics, Medicine, Engineering, and Technology among others. PUC-Rio also has research collaboration agreements with several institutions in Brazil and abroad.

IAG is the School of Business of PUC-Rio and will serve as our conference host. IAG’s main objective is to train highly qualified managers and professionals to work in the private and public sectors. More than 50,000 professionals have studied at IAG. The School of Business (IAG) maintains its excellence by developing and offering programs that meet the market demands while incorporating the most recent business research.

PUC-RioThe IAG is ranked as an “A” (the highest grade) institution by the Ministry of Education for its undergraduate program in Business Administration and also has a rank of “5” (the highest rank among the Rio de Janeiro business schools) from CAPES (Center for Development and Coordination of High Education and Research) for its masters and doctoral degrees in Business Administration.

NUPIN is the Center for International Business Research and will host the conference’s opening reception. Its focus is on executive training, international business research, and consulting. The center is supported and funded by CNPq (National Council for Research and Development) and FAPERJ (Research Support Foundation of Rio de Janeiro). Its faculty includes scholars from several affiliated institutions from several regions of Brazil. Currently the center is housed at IAG/PUC-Rio.

PUC-RioCurrently, NUPIN is a research partner of SEBRAE (The National branch of the Federal Government that supports Small Businesses), and is responsible for its internationalization program. The center also is involved and developing several research programs funded by the Faperj and CNPq on the internationalization strategies of small businesses.

To learn more about PUC-Rio, please visit wikipedia (English) or their Web site (Portuguese).

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